Brian S. Piper: A Family Lawyer, Not Just A Family Law Attorney

At Brian S. Piper Co., LPA, we know that family law matters can be some of the most challenging issues anyone can face. When divorce or some other family law matter is confronting you, your life is going to be redefined by the outcome. We can help you fight for outcomes that make your life better.

Help For All The Issues You Are Facing

When family law matters arise, they are often accompanied by other legal complications. That is why we strive to provide comprehensive legal service that extends beyond matters of matrimony. From the implications of criminal charges or financial planning to the peace of mind you'll get from finalizing your will, we're the law office you can turn to if you're concerned about your future. Lawyer Brian Piper will work hard to:

  • Be a voice of reason and support during divorce and separation by guiding you through property division, alimony and modifications or enforcement of prior court orders
  • Represent your interests and the interests of your children during custody negotiations, whether the goal is sole or shared custody
  • Handle matters involving the rights of parents or grandparents to access, and take on matters of conscientious co-parenting
  • Explain the intricacies and factors involved in child support orders that go beyond basic needs to include education and medical care
  • Protect your quality of life through fair and equitable spousal support, explaining what's involved and how payments are determined
  • Build new families through adoption, protect the rights of natural parents and guide stepparents through the adoption process
  • Protect the rights of juveniles while letting them learn from their mistakes when they've been charged with a crime
  • Protect your assets through prenups or provide you with guidance if you've been asked to sign one

We will stand beside you through all of the legal tribulations and decisions that affect your family's future. Contact our Westerville, Ohio, office online to get the advantage of 30 years of legal experience serving in courts in Delaware county, Franklin county and throughout Ohio, or call us at 614-426-8704. We offer free initial consultations with attorney Brian Piper.