Creating New Families Through Adoption

Many families today include children from previous marriages or relationships. Bringing those children into a loving family can be an incredible experience. Eventually, many stepparents realize that their stepchildren are incredibly important to them and they want to secure the legal protections for them of becoming their children through adoption.

Committed To Helping Your Family Grow

Brian S. Piper Co., LPA, is here to assist you when you want to legally solidify that bond. We facilitate stepparent adoptions to provide legal recognition for the emotional bond that develops between a child and a stepparent. As a law office with more than three decades of experience in the family courts in and around Westerville, Ohio, we are in a position to offer you legal support and advice.

We provide representation to adopting stepparents and work with biological parents in order to protect their rights.

New Families May Face Obstacles, But We're Here To Assist You

Stepparents play an important role in the life of a child, often becoming primary caretakers in many ways, including emotionally, financially and other ways. Securing recognition of that role through adoption can mean obtaining a termination of a birth parent's rights. That can be a complex issue to work through. But, with our decades of experience, we can help you make your dreams of adoption a reality.

When complications arise, our lawyer will step in to work directly and closely with your family. We understand the conflicting rules regarding adoptions. The most important factor is determining what's in the best interest of the child so that your family has a solid legal foundation and a chance at success.

If you're trying to adopt a stepchild or you are a birth parent who has been served notice of intent to adopt your child, attorney Brian S. Piper has the experience and knowledge to help. Get in touch with our office online or call us at 614-426-8704 to request a free consultation about your options.