Child Support Is About More Than Just Money

After a divorce or child custody determination, it is essential that a child's needs continue to be met. Determining proper child support obligations helps ensure that the children are taken care of. During that determination, it is also important to ensure that the child support levels do not place an unfair burden on either parent.

At Brian S. Piper Co., LPA, we strive to help parents in and around Westerville, Ohio, through the complexities of child support determinations. Our goal is to make sure your children have what they need to thrive. Despite a common assumption that child support is an attempt to punish one parent financially, making sure that children do not suffer from financial difficulties is the main objective.

Making The Child Support Formula Work For You And Your Children

There is a formula that is used to determine the amount of the child support we will request. It looks at the gross monthly income of each parent and takes into consideration expenses such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Day care
  • Extracurricular activities

Our firm uses a software program, authored by our lawyer and used in courts, law offices and support compliance agencies throughout the state, to ensure accuracy. In situations where one or both parents are self-employed or own businesses, income determination can be more complicated. Our decades of experience allows us to work through even the most complex situations easily.

Time Spent With A Child Can Change Child Support Levels

Child support is not ordered only in cases where one parent has sole physical custody. Support may be lowered or adjusted when there is a wide disparity in income or the amount of time a child spends with one parent over the other, but it is not eliminated altogether. The courts do whatever they can to ensure that the child or children are living in a financially stable environment where their needs are met regardless of the living arrangements.

Brian S. Piper wants to be your attorney, and he shows it by providing comprehensive legal services that meet your needs. The well-being of our clients and their children is our main priority. Call our office at 614-426-8704 or fill out our convenient online request form to schedule a free initial consultation today.