Don't Let Criminal Charges Ruin Your Child's Future

We all make mistakes, especially when we are young. However, some young people make mistakes that could have lasting legal consequences. If your child is facing juvenile charges, he or she deserves to have his or her rights and future protected by having an experienced and skilled advocate fighting for the best possible outcome.

Brian S. Piper Co., LPA, will work with you to allow your child to learn from a mistake, no matter how serious it is, while preventing one bad judgment call from ruining his or her life.

The Juvenile Justice System Is Different

When your child faces criminal charges, it is best to choose a lawyer who understands Ohio's juvenile justice system. The focus of the juvenile justice system is to help young people get their lives back on track and avoid future problems. The rules and procedures in juvenile court are different than adult criminal court.

Protecting Your Child's Rights

Attorney Brian Piper knows the intricacies of the local juvenile court system. As a court-appointed child advocate with a 30-year history of practicing law in the state, Brian has unique experience in juvenile law and criminal litigation. Our goal is to try to minimize the potential punishment while reinforcing the seriousness of the situation.

No matter the circumstances, your child deserves to have an experienced juvenile defense lawyer looking after his or her interests in court or out. Let us help you protect your child from a criminal record that can damage their chances for getting a job, renting an apartment and even going to college.

At the law office of Brian S. Piper Co., LPA, we want everyone to have a chance to make amends and move forward with living a fulfilling life. Your initial case evaluation will be free, so don't hesitate to contact our law office online if your child is in legal trouble. You can also call 614-426-8704 as soon as they've been charged with a crime in or around Westerville.