Protect Your Assets And Your Rights

Marriage is about love and building a future. But, it's also a legally binding contract. Like all contracts, it is good to take time to consider everything that is part of the bargain. If you have significant assets to protect or you have been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement also sometimes referred to as a prenup, Brian S. Piper Co., LPA, can help you understand what a prenuptial agreement could do for you.

An Opportunity To Settle Difficult Questions Beforehand

Some people think that prenuptial agreements take romance out of the relationship and make divorce a foregone conclusion, but that could not be further from the truth. There are many perfectly valid reasons someone might want a prenuptial agreement. Settling those legal issues before the marriage can put everyone's minds at ease.

Marriage always has a financial component, whether you start a business, you buy property together or your life was well-established before your marriage. Prenuptial agreements establish the rights and obligations of both parties and they can also protect your children from a previous marriage.

There are usually two different situations that cause a client to come to us for a prenuptial agreement:

  • One party has a disproportionate amount of wealth over the other.
  • One or both partners have been married previously and have children or separate assets to protect.

Having a prenuptial agreement can help ensure that any inheritance or college funds your existing children have are protected. It can also provide the basis for financial planning or establishing a family trust for children of previous unions. Such agreements can make asset division more efficient later if that is ever necessary.

Protect Your Past While Looking Forward To The Future With Confidence

Attorney Brian S. Piper has drafted many premarital agreements for clients in Westerville or throughout Delaware County. We'll do everything in our power to protect your rights before, during and after your marriage. Feel free to use our online contact form or call us at 614-426-8704 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced lawyer.