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How child custody is determined for unmarried couples in Ohio

Giving birth to a child is a life changing experience. When it happens to married and unmarried couples, legal differences arise in regards to how custody is determined. It is helpful to understand these differences when you encounter a struggle between who should have the child the majority of the time, who is responsible for making important decisions and much more.

Unmarried parents commonly seek to know what the law says about delegating responsibility of the child after disagreements arise. Knowing what state laws mandate for the rights of each parent is vital.

Are you interested in learning more about adoption?

Are you ready to expand your family and welcome another person into your life and your home? For many in Ohio, adoption is a good method to add another person, usually a child, into the family to experience the joys of parenting when natural childbirth isn't preferred or isn't an option. When you, possibly along with a partner, make that decision to grow the family, the enrichment that it brings to your life can be incredibly rewarding.

The legal process of adoption can come with many challenges and complexities. The process and the laws surrounding adoption vary by state and by country. You may be ready to make the commitment to grow your family, but you could face some obstacles during this process. That's when outside help can be useful.

What custody rights do grandparents have in Ohio?

There are many reasons grandparents may be seeking custody rights to their grandchild. There may be a pending or finalized divorce between the parents, the parent who was their child is deceased or there is a child born out of wedlock with whom they wish to have a relationship and for whom custody is being established.

If grandparents are being denied time with a grandchild, they may want to pursue action. It’s important to understand when grandparents do have custody and visitation rights to their grandchild, and when they don’t.

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