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Reasons that Ohio child support modifications may be warranted

Parents in Ohio are eligible to request a modification of child support every 36 months provided that one or both parents have undergone a significant change in circumstances in their lives. These requests must be accompanied by evidence that sheds light on why the requests are being made.

When it comes to child support, the person paying the support is referred to as the obligor and the person receiving it is the obligee.

One common reason a parent may seek to have a child support order increased is if the obligor obtained a job or a higher paying one. At the same time, if the obligee becomes employed or receives a pay increase, the parent responsible for paying the child support may petition to have his or her monthly payment decreased. Any change of 30 percent or more in parental income will likely warrant a modification review.

If either party loses his or her job for a period of 30 days or more, then this may justify a modification being pursued as well. The same logic also applies if either the obligee or obligor become disabled or incarcerated, especially if the time that a parent is expected to be institutionalized extends beyond the time frame the child is still a minor.

Other circumstances that may justify a modification review in a child support case include if a parent is a member of the armed forces and is either deployed or returns from service. If a child is deprived of access to health insurance under current child support orders or is emancipated, then this may warrant a revisiting of a parent's obligation to pay or receive monthly payments also.

Child support modification reviews can have one of four different conclusions. It's possible that the order will stand as it was previously written, that it will increase, decrease or that support will be done away with altogether.

If you are considering having the amount of child support that either you pay or receive each month changed, then a Westerville attorney can advise you as to how to go about doing that.

Source: Lorain Job & Family Services, "Modification," accessed June 01, 2018

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