According to the Heritage Foundation, as many as one million American children have to endure their parents’ divorces each year. While we often hear that divorce is hard on kids, many of us don’t understand how difficult it can be or how to guide them through it.

The first sign you may notice that your child is struggling with your divorce is if they start having emotional outbursts. Your children may express feelings of resentment or may seem confused or easily discouraged. Unless these feelings are dealt with right away, then it’s possible that your child will develop mental health concerns such as depression.

Another sign that your child is having difficulty coping with your impending divorce is if their behavior suddenly changes. If they seem more stressed out, become rebellious or defiant or seem constantly on the verge of tears, then you should take notice. If they become withdrawn or angry, then you’ll want to get them some help right away.

These emotions most often rise to the surface because too much change is happening around them. They’re most apt to act out because they don’t understand why things are changing around them or how to adapt.

If their stress and other behaviors aren’t addressed, then it can affect their physical health. They may develop gastrointestinal problems, stomachaches and headaches.

Parents can help their child through their divorce by letting them know that none of this is their fault and that you continue loving them the same. Parents who teach their kids to share what they’re feeling and to not let it adversely impact their behavior is important too. An experienced Ohio family law attorney can give you additional tips on how to ease the impact of the issues that you may encounter with your children during your divorce.