While recent studies have shown that divorce rates among millennials are decreasing, the number of Americans 50 or older seeking dissolutions of their marriages has doubled in recent years. Many senior couples who are seeking divorces in Westerville have been married as long as 20 years.

The reasons why the divorce rates among this population have increased over the past few years are multifold.

Life expectancy has increased in Ohio and the rest of the United States. Individuals don’t want to live an unhappy existence as they get older. In addition, the idea of ending your marriage is no longer viewed as poorly as it once was by society.

Another recent study published by the National Public Radio (NPR) shows that the gap between what women and men make is becoming smaller. Wives no longer have to stay in their marriages simply to be able to afford their living expenses.

Individuals who decide to seek out a dissolution of their marriage don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be able to find a companion to do activities with or someone to date once they divorce, either. They can do so both via traditional and online means.

Despite there being many motivations for seniors to walk away from their unhappy marriages, there are financial concerns that they also have to keep in mind.

A husband or wife who has been in a long-term marriage may qualify for alimony, be entitled to half of a spouse’s retirement income and the marital home. Remarriages are often rebound ones and end abruptly. It can be wise to sign a prenuptial agreement if you get married again. A divorce attorney can help ease the impact of your divorce and help you preserve a positive future for yourself during a gray divorce.