When Ohio parents split up, they often spend considerable time pondering how they should share custody of their child. They often feel conflicted about whether they should spend the majority of their time with one parent or equally with both. Researchers who worked on the 2017 Psychology, Public Policy and Law study concluded that it’s particularly important for young kids to spend equal time with both parents post-divorce.

Before this study was published, some child psychologists had pointed out how significant that the mother-child bond was. Many of them had concluded that children who spent extended time with their dads during those early years tended to have a weaker bond with their moms.

Arizona State University researchers who authored this latest study spoke with at least 100 college students who had parents who’d split up before they turned 3 years old. They then asked them questions about the strength of their relationships with both their mom and dad. The researchers also interviewed their parents to see how they split up their child during their early years.

After completing the surveys, the researchers concluded that infants and toddlers who stayed over at their dad’s homes didn’t experience a weakened bond with their mothers. They found that the opposite occurred. The children appeared to benefit from spending equal time with both parents.

Researchers found that the most critical time for kids to spend time with both parents is starting at age 2. They also determined that it was important that they get in their overnight visits. If they didn’t, then they couldn’t just be made up. They determined that overnights are key to strengthening the parent-child bond.

The researchers also concluded that equal parenting time isn’t just beneficial for the child but the parents too. They said that it helps single moms better manage their stress. They concluded that it aids dads in becoming better parents.

If there’s one issue that delays the settlement of a divorce, it’s often a child custody matter. When a parent seeks full custody or to relocate with their son or daughter, heated legal battles often get underway right away. It can be helpful to be represented by a child custody attorney who is focused on keeping families connected. They can help you keep your focus on doing what’s in your son’s or daughter’s best interest when settling your own case here in Westerville.