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Divorce rates among millennials are quickly declining

Recently published data shows that divorce rates are currently the lowest that they've been in as many as four decades. The number of individuals getting married is significantly lower than it's been in a long time as well. Legal analysts point to Millennials as the reason for this decline.

Right now, the average Millennial female gets married at 27 years of age. Women from Generation X used to get married at age 25. Their male counterparts are now getting married at age 30. They used to get married at age 27.

Many factors are motivating Millennials to get married later in life. Many of them want to get their bearings and become more established in their careers and relationships before they take the plunge and get married.

Others want to gain some experience living on their own and save up money before they walk down the aisle. Many individuals belonging to this generation are also more intent on paying off student loans than for a wedding.

Research shows that divorce rates among individuals with kids have declined as well. Legal analysts agree that some parents may stick out their marriages simply to be able to afford childcare expenses.

While the divorce rate for younger populations is decreasing, the number of individuals age 55 or older that are splitting up is increasing. Many of these marriages are coming to an end because their kids are leaving to go away to college. When they do, their parents split up.

Family court data published by Franklin County shows that divorce rates are currently on an uptick. Legal analysts note that this rate is staying on par with the increase in population in the county though.

When you're going through a divorce, it's really easy to lose sight of what matters most- preserving a positive future for you and your kids. It can be helpful for you to have a strong advocate when you need one. A divorce attorney can help you negotiate a settlement in your Ohio case so that you can focus on planning for what comes next in your life.

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