Custody matters are rarely easy. Not everyone involved is always looking out for what is best for the children. This can complicate matters and lead you to a difficult situation when it comes time to make custody decisions. The court is always on the side of the children. It does not care what you or the other parent wants. Generally, you will have two custody options in Ohio. The Ohio State Bar Association explains these are sole or shared custody.

If you get sole custody of your children, then you get to make all decisions for and about them. The other parent does not have a right to any decision-making. You are the only one in charge when it comes to things such as religion, medical care and education.

If you get shared custody, then you both get to decision-making rights. You will have to work together and agree upon decisions made involving your children.

The court prefers shared custody because it believes both parents should have a right to make decisions for and about their children. The prevailing idea is also that children need both parents in their lives, which shared custody helps to ensure.

However, as mentioned, the court’s main concern is what is best for the children. So, if the court thinks sole custody is what will best benefit the children, then that is the way it will set up your custody arrangement. The court will look at many factors when making its decision. This information is for education only. It does not constitute legal advice.