Ohio couples looking to adopt must meet certain requirements to be considered eligible. Meeting these requirements ensures the child is placed into a loving and healthy home. It also ensures you’re well equipped to provide parental care to your new child. AdoptUSKids.com explains these requirements and why it’s important for adoptive parents to meet them.

Household income

Raising a child is expensive. It will cost thousands of dollars to raise a child from infant years to young adulthood, and these costs will be increased when the child has special needs or requires treatment for a chronic medical condition. That’s why adoption agencies set income thresholds that parents must meet before they’re considered eligible. Along with covering basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, you’ll also be responsible for adoption costs.


Adoptive parents are subject to intensive reviews of their backgrounds. Along with income verification, a check of a person’s criminal history will also be performed. Certain crimes will exclude a person from being eligible to adopt, but a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean the adoption will be denied. A person’s mental and physical health will also be assessed. Parents must be free of substantial mental illness and serious health conditions to be able to parent sufficiently.

Home safety

Along with being able to provide for your child emotionally and financially, the adoption agency will also want to know that your home is safe and secure for children. This entails a safety inspection, during which fire risks and other hazards will be assessed. Any issues will need to be addressed before you’re considered eligible to adopt. This might entail updating fire alarm systems or addressing broken railings or stairs on the property.