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Common reasons to request a child support modification

| Sep 7, 2020 | Child Custody

Countless circumstances may warrant a change or review of your existing child support order. Ultimately, parents who wish to adjust their child support order will have to prove to a judge that their circumstances have changed since their order went into effect and that the terms are no longer fair.

In Ohio, either parent or guardian can request a change in their child support order. While a caseworker while review your information and income every three years to see if anything needs adjustment, you can ask for the court to review your case sooner if your life situation has changed significantly.

As children grow, their needs continue to grow as well. Child support modifications are sometimes necessary to ensure your agreement keeps pace with you and your family’s life. Here are a few reasons parents will request to modify their child support order:

Loss of income

Losing a job or experiencing a significant reduction in income can make it difficult for a parent to afford child support payments. Other times, a parent may be unable to work after becoming disabled or being incarcerated. Financial hardship is among the most common reasons parents will seek changes to their child support order.

New family dynamics

If you remarry or have more children after your child support order went into effect, your new obligations will likely warrant an adjustment to your order. If the non-custodial parent experiences an increase in income after remarrying, the custodial parent may also request an increase in child support payments. Alternatively, if the non-custodial parent has more children, they may request a decrease in their payments to support their other kids.

A child’s evolving needs

Child support orders can’t always anticipate how your child’s needs will change as they get older. They may develop special medical or educational needs or spend significantly less time with their non-custodial parent as they grow up. If your kid’s needs have changed drastically, it’s good to review your child support order to accommodate their new expenses.

Child support orders aim to establish a balance between two households, but they likely won’t keep things equal forever. As soon as your circumstances change, modifying your child support order will ensure your child receives the best possible care.