Couples divorce at later and later ages. This phenomenon, known as grey divorce, is not unique to Ohio. All across the country, people in their 50s and up decide that it is time to put their relationship to rest and move on with their lives.

But why is this happening more often? Is there any one factor contributing to the spike in grey divorce rates?

Decreased stigma and increased lifespans

Forbes examines grey divorce rates, which have risen in recent years. There are many potential factors that could explain this hike in older couples ending their marriages. First, times are different. In days gone by, people – especially women – could end up ostracized due to their status as a divorced person. It was often harder for them to find second spouses later on. This stigma haunted many for their days and cautioned others away from divorcing, too.

Also, people are living longer, healthier lives these days. Even if you are 50, that does not mean your life is almost over. In fact, many people have decades ahead of them. It makes sense that they do not want to spend those decades with someone they are not truly connected with.

Realizing your relationship has changed

Speaking of connections, when you hit your 50s or 60s, this is retirement age for many. With children gone and work out of the way, many couples discover that they no longer have much in common with the person they married. When attempts to fix it do not work out, plenty of these couples decide to amiably go their separate ways.

Each couple has a different reason for ending the marriage. Age should not be a barrier if divorce is the best option for all.