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Does Ohio enforce temporary support orders?

| Feb 8, 2021 | Divorce

If you have found yourself in the middle of a divorce or approaching the end of your marriage, you need to review your circumstances carefully. It comes as a surprise when some people discover that they must make spousal support or child support payments before their marriage comes to a close. Moreover, some people do not realize that the agency enforces temporary support orders, sometimes resulting in serious repercussions if support is not paid.

Whether you expect to receive payments or have the obligation to pay temporary support, review your options and develop a comprehensive understanding of your rights.

Does the child support enforcement agency enforce temporary orders?

According to Ohio’s Office of Child Support, the child support enforcement agency needs to enforce temporary support orders. As a result, if a parent required to make payments does not fulfill their obligations, various consequences could surface. Moreover, the agency has the ability to collect support from incarcerated individuals. If you have to make payments, you must understand your obligations and stay current.

What are the consequences of missing support payments?

Sometimes, those who default on their child support obligations have their driver’s license suspended. Those who have the ability to work but find themselves unemployed sometimes receive seek work orders stipulating that they find a job or participate in a job-related program. In Ohio, employers must inform the child support enforcement agency prior to awarding bonuses or lump sum payments in excess of $150. Moreover, filing for bankruptcy does not always prevent an obligation from making payments, although bankruptcy sometimes interferes with certain enforcement techniques.