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Parents seek to stop Ohio from taking custody of their kids

Parents from Westerville and other parts of the state went to Columbus this past week to lobby lawmakers to revisit the issue of child custody relinquishment. They told them how they were forced to give up their special needs kids after letting state officials that they were unable to pay for their treatment.

Equal time parenting is critical in your child's earliest years

When Ohio parents split up, they often spend considerable time pondering how they should share custody of their child. They often feel conflicted about whether they should spend the majority of their time with one parent or equally with both. Researchers who worked on the 2017 Psychology, Public Policy and Law study concluded that it's particularly important for young kids to spend equal time with both parents post-divorce.

What constitutes custody interference in Ohio?

If your ex takes proactive measures to disrupt your right to custody or otherwise fails to adhere to the established visitation schedule, then they may be deemed to have engaged in custodial interference. Any parent who tries to undermine a court order may put their right to visitation in jeopardy. They could be held criminally liable for their actions as well.

Should you talk to your child's teacher about your custody plan?

You and your spouse split up, and you create a child custody plan that works around your schedules. While you understand the importance of working this out, it's not the type of thing you discuss with anyone other than family members and close friends. It's personal.

What's in a child's best interest affects grandparents' rights

Since 1994, Ohio law has recognized a grandparent's right to visitation of their grandchildren if the children's parents have died, they've separated or divorced or if they'd never married. Petitioning a judge isn't possible for grandparents to children belonging to an intact family. In any of these situations, whether a grandpa or grandma is successful in petitioning a judge for visitation is contingent upon what's in the child's best interest.

What factors does a judge consider when awarding custody in Ohio?

If you are battling your ex over custody of your kids, then you may wonder what factors a judge considers when making such determinations. It's important to know that a judge doesn't just take into account a single factor, but instead, a combination of several different factors. While factors taken into account vary by judge or jurisdiction, they will likely consider how many kids each parent has as well as what their genders and ages are. How likely a child is to adjust to whatever arrangements are made will also impact the decision a judge makes.

What custody rights do grandparents have in Ohio?

There are many reasons grandparents may be seeking custody rights to their grandchild. There may be a pending or finalized divorce between the parents, the parent who was their child is deceased or there is a child born out of wedlock with whom they wish to have a relationship and for whom custody is being established.

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