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A dissolution works differently from a divorce in Ohio

If you and your spouse have split up then you've probably begun researching what the next steps that you should pursue. You've likely found that divorcing couples have two options in Ohio. They can either seek a dissolution of their marriage or file for divorce. There are specific requirements that you must meet to file for one or the other.

The risk of losing your pets when you divorce is high

A New York Times report from 2016 showed that millennial couples are having fewer children and are taking up the responsibility of caring for more pets. Their reporters found that 51 percent of those in their thirties had cats and 75 percent had dogs. Since an overwhelming number of Westerville couples have them, it may leave you wondering what happens with the pets when they divorce.

Your co-workers' genders and profession affect your divorce risk

Stockholm University researchers who worked on a Sept. 25 Biology Letters study set out to gain a better understanding of work factors that may make spouses more likely to divorce. In particular, they wanted to know whether workers who have a lot of colleagues of the opposite sex are more apt to end their marriages than others. They found that this is one of the many factors that contribute to increased divorce rates.

Negotiating an end to your marriage is not as easy as it may seem

If you're considering ending your marriage, then you may simply assume that the process to do so is called a "divorce". In Ohio and many other states, though, couples often pursue a "dissolution of marriage". Either a husband or wife can petition the court to end their marriage without providing a reason for doing so. The spouses must meet specific requirements before pursing a dissolution, though.

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