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Divorce rates among millennials are quickly declining

Recently published data shows that divorce rates are currently the lowest that they've been in as many as four decades. The number of individuals getting married is significantly lower than it's been in a long time as well. Legal analysts point to Millennials as the reason for this decline.

Why you should get organized when you're headed for divorce

If you were to speak with those who've gotten divorced, it's unlikely that any of them would say that the process of ending their marriage was easy. Splitting up is often both an emotional and financially jarring thing to have to go through. You can ease some of the burdens of this process by taking steps to get certain documents in order right when you see your divorce lingering on the horizon.

There are many factors to consider during a gray divorce

While recent studies have shown that divorce rates among millennials are decreasing, the number of Americans 50 or older seeking dissolutions of their marriages has doubled in recent years. Many senior couples who are seeking divorces in Westerville have been married as long as 20 years.

Your divorce isn't possible by year's end: What now?

Many American households use at least one-half of their income to cover their bills. When couples divorce, it puts a significant strain on a family's finances as that same income must cover two households' bills. Once the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2019, though, those families that have traditionally been supported by a single breadwinner may find that even more demands are being placed on their finances.

What financial steps should you take as you prepare to divorce?

When many couples decide to divorce, it's not uncommon for the once stay-at-home spouse to find out that their partner was struggling to pay the bills, racking up debt in the process. This can greatly impact your ability to move forward with your life post-divorce. One of the best things that you can do right way is to start building your credit.

How property is divided in Ohio, an equitable distribution state

Like many states in the country, Ohio recognizes equitable distribution when it comes to dividing up marital property in a divorce. States using this approach to asset division assume that both spouses equally contributed to acquiring or producing the shared property.

Grounds on which you can request a divorce in Ohio

In Ohio, couples have two choices for legally ending their marriage. They can pursue either a dissolution or divorce. Unless a couple has been living apart from one another for an entire year at the time of their filing, then at least one of the spouses must claim that their ex is "at fault" for the demise of the marriage.

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